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The future of DSS

briketter og brændeMany of the popular DSS tools that was the big hit around year 2000 has been transformed into full business intelligence tools instead, where you can get a broad overview over all your live data and easily make those tough decisions based on the facts and data instead of guesses. The new versions of decision support systems makes it even easier for you to make the right choices, they prevent the data in a much better way than earlier, the data is more accurate and they are able to pull the data from additional sources.

But what can we expect in 10 or 15 years from these DSS tools? In the next 1-2 years we will be seeing a large increase in Apps for tables like the Apple Ipad and similar devices. There are already a few of those on the market but the quality isn’t that good yet and there are still a lot of room for improvements.
We will see DSS tools that can pull data from an even wider range of sources as more and more data gets stored and filed in the systems. We integrate the various sources more, there is much more logging of data too. This will help the decision support system to make an even better overview and help you make some more accurate decisions and making these types of business intelligence software systems even more valuable than today.
Right now many of the BI systems require a lot of training to use properly, that part is also something we can expect to see improved in the near future so that even people will almost no training will be able to get the right data from the various systems and be able to use types kind of DSS programs easily. The Interface is like to change quite a bit and most of the tools will very likely change to be used mainly on tablets instead of regular computers. This also means that they will need to either pre process the data on a more powerful computer first or make optimizations to the DSS tools so that they can much easier process the data without having to use some heavy CPU and RAM power in order to do so.

One thing there will be a lot more focus on in the future, is DSS and big data. Already companies such as Facebook, Google and Yahoo are working on how they can get the most out of the huge amount of data they possess. These amounts of data are already to large to handle for most super computeres. Even with systems such as Brænde, Briketter, oXc they can’t hope to make any sense of these data right now. But with better DSS algorithms in the future and more powerful servers, they will be able to process all the data properly and then it actually starts to become pretty scare what kind of power they will possess. We will be needing more rules on this topic, to avoid abuse of additional power such companies will have once they break the big data problem and start to analyse all the data they have in their BI tools.