Learn all about decision support systems (DSS)

Decision support systems are some new applications that are computerized to act as a support system. This system supports organizational and business decision making in the activities going on in business and other industries. However, the great system that is effective can compile the most important information from documents, business models, and raw data and even help solving problems and making useful decisions by utilizing various OLAP tools. Welcome to the world of DSS or decision support systems!



There are many effective decision support systems that can carry out the following requirements.

Collecting data from different sources such as inventory data, market research data, sales data, supplier data and others.

Collation of data and formatting
Applications software and robust tools that are used to report, analyze and monitor the data.

Uses in database location and formatting the decision made by business or any report analysis.



At the same time, decision systems have become more critical in all types of business. But in today’s markets, it is the most used system because it is responding in a fast way to make any changes. It is a benefit to all companies which have the BI tools because they are able to be competitive to other companies. If you still need a bit more information about what a dss system is take a look here at What is a decision support system where we look at various DSS systems such as the Targit BI suite and similar tool which can give you realtime access to your data in an orderly and informative way which will help you get a more clear image of your company.

The next important thing to note is the decision made by micro strategy.

The companies that need to succeed in business they must use business intelligence reporting tools, methodologies, processes and more. As these are the key components to all important goals you need to reach and a decision support system can make the difference in a lot of processes. One example of this is the project Smykker, which you can read more about here.

This provides the end users with great reports, data analysis and monitoring which for large and small companies – saves lots of man and women hours. Also micro strategy support systems provide companies with analytical, monitoring platform and reporting tools that form the basis of any such dashboard tools. Many of the larger ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics and Nav, AX, GB CRM etc. are ideal to implement a BI system into and get all the benefits of a proper DSS system as you already have most of the data in your system already. Especially Microsoft Dynamics Nav goes really well with the targit BI system.
These kind of software demonstrate all the important deals that are made by a decision support system. One of the best DSS software that you can buy today is the targit for nav which is pretty easy to implement in your current ERP system and gives you a huge range of features and benefits.

Below are the most important characteristics

Supports Any Suggestion Made By Groups Or Individuals:
When you get a software platform for your decision support system needs, then you need to be sure that you invest the time to get access to the software platforms that allows suggestions and additions by groups and individuals.

We have seen some software that focuses on one person working with the software, and this can be a limiter in bigger companies where there are individuals working on specific areas as well as groups or locations.

Depending on your business, you will need to be sure that it can work fully with your business needs. Do you have one person needing to access the dash boarding software or a group or even many groups?

Developing And Deploy Easily:
When it comes to DSS you want to be sure that you have a decision support system software option that meets you infrastructure needs.

For example there are online options which is great for organizations that are not just in one location. This can be a great way to save in costs on site, however it can work out more expensive if you need to pay for per seat.

There are also options where you can install in a similar fashion to an Intranet and this can work out great for both one location and several, while keeping your data safe, keeping everything self contained, which can be an important aspect for industries such as banking.

Then you have software options that work on one computer. In many cases the software data can be kept in a way where more people can work with the OLAP tools, even on different computer systems.

In essence deployment costs will need to be considered before choosing a particular business solution for your organization and how much training it will require for the people using it.

Collecting Comprehensive Data Access:
If we look at financial organizations where a business intelligence tool is needed, we will find that the data must be accessed by many people. We touched upon this in the last section, however it is a good idea to be sure that you invest the time to find software options that allows many people to work with business intelligence at the same time and get results based on the inputs.

Integrated Software:
The best business intelligence systems helps the users in compiling platforms that enables administrators and IT experts to develop data models, generating analytical reports, performing sophisticated and delivering the reports to the end users in different channels is the kind of features you should consider and look for in decision support system software.

how to pick the best decision support systemFurther channels of data entry and uses should include email, web, printing, file and mobile devices or any other medium you need to effectively have a decision support system or DSS solution that can save your organization both time and money while getting the most out of these tools.

Having a solution that meets several needs in DSS is a great way to gain access to one solution that will save you time and training.

Even if one software is complex and takes time to learn, it will be easier and save more time than having to use several different dashboard systems which may not even be able to share data with each other. When you get a BI tool that meets your needs or at least most of your needs, you can be sure that you will gain access to big time savings and less porting problems with data in future.

A good decision support system is very expensive but worthwhile for many businesses. The individuals who use these systems are able to choose the leverage power of the software in planning and designing, and deploying the most important solutions to the business.

What is most needed is a software that is flexible for your organizational needs. This can be a hard task to achieve and will need a look at several different solutions to find the best decision support system for your organization.

Consider this point from many angles. For example – if upper management, CEO, and even people on the floor actually working with the data need to use the business software then you will need to be sure to get input from all of these people or at least the key people in these areas so a solution fits everyones needs, as it is this that will determine whether a particular DSS solution is right for you.

Finally let see the why many companies turn to a decision system support in different kinds of business.

The most important reason is the accurate of the information needed by the company. The decision support system provides accurate information in a simple way and fast.

Also the company is secured to know what needed withing a short time is. Also this software helps the company to reduce the wasting of time where they get data analysis, reporting and any other types of sources that are important to grow a company, especially if you are dealing on a global market.

With so many solutions out there – I hope that this information contained here will enable you to find the best for your needs whatever you are running microsoft dynamics nav, ax or some entirely different erp system. There is always the possibility to get a custom made solution but as the price of commercial software is high enough already, the cost of a custom solution could be very expensive, but that is a completely different story!

With the options out there, you can be sure that you can find a solution that can propel your organization forward. Especially if you are already using a simpler version af reporting or dashboard software or have an ERP system installed.

Should you want to know more about dss and decision support systems in general, you can listen to this audio file on the topic and learn a few more bits – Decision support Systems, just click on it and download and play it with your favorite audio player or open it with your browsers.